mobile solutions

Finatext offers a variety of mobile-based investment LEARNING platforms which help users to grasp the fundamentals of the financial world whilst enjoying a dynamic and community-driven trading experience.

WE also provide:




Asukabu! is an application designed to teach the fundamentals of stock investment. Users practise forecasting stock price changes in a risk-free environment, interacting with other investors in a community-driven learning experience. 




With Karu FX, users are able to learn how to trade on the foreign exchange market from their phone, anywhere, on-the-go! Users practise predicting the exchange rate movements of currencies, and simulate trades as if live on the market. These virtual trades will help players to discover their personal investment tendencies and gives them the opportunity to progress into real trading through the app. 




Finatext has partnered with Mitsubishi UFJ to develop one of our newer applications: Fundect. The idea behind this is to help users select appropriate investment funds based on their propensity for risk. Users are also able to interact, sharing ideas and comments about the various funds.

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Developed in partnership with GMO CLICK Securities, FX Clue is designed to educate users in the various signals that can help inform their trading decisions when operating on forex markets. Users are taught how these technical indicators work and thereby improve their financial knowledge base.




Moneby was designed to teach the basics of asset management and portfolio diversification. The application begins by calculating the user’s best-suited asset configuration through a series of questions. Users can then diagnose their current portfolio, play learning games and try to predict the movements of various stock indices. There is also a strong community feature where users can exchange opinions regarding relevant news and information.