Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions to our partners who require tailor-designed products to fulfil their business needs.

We also provide:

robo advisory



We provide our partners from Rakuten Securities with a Robo-Advisory engine that provides mutual fund-portfolio recommendations to retail investors. With a user friendly questionnaire as the front end, and a back-end equipped with sophisticated algorithms to generate suitable recommendations to users, our Robo-Advisory engine is a key piece to Rakuten's Raku-wrap service.


Social Indicator



Social Indicator is a social media text-mining & analysis tool that provides investment information by analyzing content on social networking platforms. The tool analyzes and quantifies vast amounts of social media text-data, which is then provided as investment data and ideas for individual investors. The quantified investment data are ranked into specific "social ranking" categories.

This service is developed in collaboration with Thomson Reuters, and will be launched in June 2017. The data analyzed by the Social Indicator tool encompasses all stocks listed in Japan.