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Finatext GROUP in Tokyo. SEPTEMBER 2017.


Finatext began with the aim to make retail investment platforms more easily accessible across the world. Our approach to this has been centred around creating mobile applications which enable users to improve their financial literacy while accessing various financial markets. 

In 2014, Finatext was founded in Tokyo by an ex-investment banking professional and a quantitative analyst. It quickly rose to prominence with the release of applications such as Asukabu and Karu FX and is currently the most popular mobile-based retail investment provider in Japan.

In 2016, Finatext acquired Nowcast, a Tokyo-based Big Data Research House. Big Data has since become a huge part of our focus as we look to provide premium data analytics solutions to established financial institutions.

We now aim to repeat the success that we have experienced domestically on a global scale with newly-established offices in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, and most recently, London.







Ryota Hayashi


Ryota started his career in Deutsche Bank's London Global Market division, involving in equity algorithm trading system development. He engaged in institutional client sales mainly in Equity related products for 3 years. Later, he joined Singapore/London/Tokyo based hedge funds in charge of Europe/Asia clients, and founded Finatext Ltd, a mobile Fintech solutions company in 2014. Finatext later acquired Nowcast Inc in August 2016.



Yuichiro Ito

Group CFO & COO

Yuichiro has six years of experience employed in the Investment Banking Division of UBS. From 2013 to 2016, Yuichiro was continuously ranked in the global top 5% at UBS. He is currently the Group CFO and COO.


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With nearly 15 years working in Finance, specifically on the trade floor, Rob has vast experience managing complex trading execution platforms, specialising in algorithmic engines and low latency flows. Over the last 8 years, Rob has successfully run both European and Global Production tech teams across both Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Rob joined Finatext in March 2017 to run the London office as CEO.


ATSuo Akai

Chairman of Nowcast

After working as a Senior Consultant for Morgan Stanley Group, Atsuo served as a member of the Cabinet Secretariat’s board to promote city revitalisation and as a board member of the National Land Development Council. Atsuo is also a guest professor at Waseda University and acts as Chairman of Nowcast.


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masashi toda

managing director and co-founder

Masashi has a PhD in Economics from the University of Tokyo and founded Finatext following a career in hedge fund operations. 





Tsutomu is an Economics professor at the University of Tokyo. He has a PHD in Economics from Harvard University. Tsutomu founded Nowcast in 2015. 


Tsutomu Watanabe

Kiyohiko is the Dean of Economics at the University of Tokyo. He has a PhD in Economics from Yale University and sat on the Bank of Japan's Monetary Policy Board between 2005 and 2008.


Kiyohiko Nishimura

Kazuo is an Economics professor at the University of Tokyo. He served on the Bank of Japan's Monetary Policy Board from 1998 to 2005 and he has a PhD in Economics from MIT. 


Kazuo Ueda


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