big data solutions

We provide premium data solutions to established financial institutions by leveraging our extensive analytical abilities along with a number of exclusive relationships with data providers. 

We also provide:




We obtain premium point of sales data which is then fed into a number of our products.

Firm Sales NOW uses this data to deliver fast and accurate forecasts of Japanese firm sales data. It is currently the best alternative to preview research reports.

Firm Inflation NOW is a monthly tracker of inflation rates in Japanese firms. It shows each firm's year on year inflation rates as well as the firm's contribution towards total economic inflation. 

Nikkei CPI NOW is the world's first daily inflation rate. It uses real time pricing and quantities of items sold to provide a daily Japanese inflation rate. 



credit card data



In partnership with JCB, we are able to utilise credit card purchasing data in order to create the world's first bimonthly Credit Card consumption tracker: JCB Consumption NOW. This produces a retail consumption index that is forecast one week earlier than the official release. 

This index can be broken down into six categories of consumption including 'E-commerce', 'gasoline' and 'pharmasuticals'. 



satellite imagery




Using satellite image data that we obtain from our exclusive partnership with NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) we are able to estimate important metrics such as GDP. This is achieved through the use of custom algorithms which examine the intensity of illumination from a given country. 


We are currently working on a set of  global image-based products with a range of applications. For example, our Commodity Index program uses long-wave infrared identification technology to estimate oil and gas production levels globally on a weekly basis. 



text data


In partnership with Thomson Reuters, the Social Indicator solution mines real-time news and text data from public networks in order to generate quantitative indices on trending topics. These social media sentiment indices can then be ranked based on their magnitude of influence towards the market. 


The News Text Mining solution is a market-bot that generates analysed data from auto-curated financial news. Output can then be customised based on the specific needs of our customers.