for consumers

We build and run mobile base investment learning platform for consumers.

  • Asukabu - The biggest mobile stock learning and trading platform in Japan with community feature.
  • Karufx - The biggest mobile forex learning and trading platform in Japan with community feature
  • Fundect - The first ever mutual funds select platform with community feature
  • FX Clue - professional valuation criteria for newbie

for financial institutions

Financial app/service building consultation - We provide ad-hoc consulting service for financial institutions.

About us

We are mobile-focus financial solutions provider. Our goal is to lift the financial literacy and unlock potentials of retail investment.

Finatext was founded by an ex-investment banking professional and quantitative analyst with strong academic track records from the University of Tokyo. Having strength in development skills as well as strong emphasis on design, the company provides user-focus mobile financial services.


Currently we are actively hiring following positions in both full-time and internship

  • Front-end engineer (iOS/Android/Web)
  • Data Scientists
  • Designers
  • Community Managers

Application criteria

  • Strong academic records
  • Interests in mobile applications
  • Financial knowledge (not compulsory for designers)

Please contact for further details.



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